pic-14_580x330It was the relaxing day as my hotel stay was in Tel-aviv only so no early wake-up for catching 7 am tour bus. Tel-aviv is very beautiful city and safe too, you can even walk alone in isolated places and enjoy till late night. There are many small and cozy cafe’s near to “Rothschild Boulevard” street, even good Restaurants as well for breakfast.

I started my day with Breakfast at ‘Lachmania‘ near to Rothschild Boulevard street, very delicious backed items. Loved the taste and freshly backed wholesome breads are the prefect match of any good breakfast deal. It was indeed the good start of the day.dscn2344


One day is enough to explore all highly visited attractions in Tel aviv. Though there are many places which one can go, but I had chosen the places which are more meaningful for me to visit them. I really like beaches and I will not leave the chance to visit good sea view places. I had started the day by visiting Art Museum.


This is one of the prestige for Israel’s artist who are devoting their continues work to Tel aviv Art Museum. This has modern architecture designs structures and we will see these building structures in future Israel. The timings are from 10am to 4pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays; from 10am to 10pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and 10am to 2pm is on Friday. The Museum remain closed on Sundays. The Admission fee for Adult is INS 48, Children’s under age of 18 years has NO admission fee.


It was the prime location for all Import and export from the years 1930s to the year 1960s. But now they have closed this place for any kind of Import and exports, now this place is even more beautiful for evening gateway. The more than 1 mile wooden desk support cozy cafe’s and mini restaurants bar. The place has amazing view of sea and great for spending evening time with family /friends. There is no admission fee for this area.


Tayelet is almost 3 mile long beach-side broad walk to cruise. This also connect Old Tel Aviv Port to Jaffa, No taxi, bus on this pedestrian, only street walking and biking are allowed. The bikes are available on rent to take a tour of the complete stretch. The Tayelet grants easy access to Prime Hotel area, and many restaurants and night life venues. This is one of the best attraction in Tel-aviv.


Carmel Market is near to Allenby Street, this is very long open air market. The vendors come out of their shops and sell their products, they even call you to show their products. But they will not annoy you. You will find everything in this market, Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Ladies items, Male cloths, souvenirs and few eating hubs as well. They have this unique printing machine, you choose the design and your t-shirt size, they will print in front of you. I bought 2 t-shirts written some funny statement on that.dscn2319

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It was the wonderful day and I did lots of shopping. This place is full of great restaurants and one of them is selling very yummy “Falafal”. It was only INS 60 and one is more than enough to fill your tummy.

The people are also very nice and believe in fitness. All serve Army after age of 18 years and then they wish to continue to serve army or start their own ventures or pursue their higher educations for corporate jobs. It was overall a nice experience for me to visit Israel, even though people thought it is not a tourist destination, And I was happy who has not listened them and visited this place.

please do let me know your comments on my blog and if you have any questions please do send me emails and write in comments.

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