Zoos are not only for kids, it is a place for all age groups. It will be different experience all together, specially with Kangaroo and Koala. Plan for an early morning trip to the Zoo ,considering the travel time , ticket lane and many things to do at the Zoo.

As most of the things in Australia , the Zoo is very well  laid out. It is on hill and don’t worry about walking to the top as there is cable car to help you out on that . Once you reach Taronga Zoo, buy tickets and then go to cable car (cable car fare is included in Zoo ticket). Cable car will take you to the top and from there you can start you journey according to Map. So basically, you have to walk down-way which is always easy.

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All the places are wheel-chair supported, very well maintained. Lot of  cafe’s, and comfort rooms.IMG_9409IMG_9429

It is a great place for family day out. you can even bring the food. They have parks with beautiful grass and they have placed benches with chair for public convenience. we visited during winter and animals were out bathing in sun.  I wanted to see kangaroo walking and running. But, they all were sleeping.IMG_8881[1]IMG_8878

GETTING THERE: Ferry from the Circular Quay is the best option. You can reach Circular quay by train and take ferry from Wharf 4, which is just next to train station. Ferry is in every 30 to 45 minutes. Sunday are the best to visit by ferry, as the fare is only 2.5 AUD. Other options are Bus and taxi or self driven cars/taxis.

ADMISSION FEE: For adult it is 46 AUD and for Child (4-15 years) 26 AUD.

Ferry option is also good as you will get chance to take pictures from front of Opera House. And when you back in evening, you can enjoy the evening lightning show at Opera House which is mostly at 7 PM.

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