So far we have visited so many places and Hoa lu was pending from my bucket list. We booked this tour a day before and, we were lucky to get the tickets, as most of tour were full booked.

Travel time from the city is around 3.5 hours to & fro. The best part of traveling with these tour companies was, they combine 2-3 places together which are near to each other. If you plan on your own then it is time consuming and you will not be able to cover all places. However, planning on your own is more adventurous.

The tour driver will pick you up at your hotel in Hanoi, just sit relax and enjoy en-rout view.


Your first stop will be historical capital of Vietnam, where you will see the famous Ancient temples of Le. Travel guide will explain the history behind the every temple. To cover all temples one needs around 45 minutes to 1 hour. They have different chambers as per the work category and different temples of kingdoms.IMG_7373IMG_7407


Tam Coc was the next stop after historical temples of Vietnam. The lunch was ready and served hot. Being a vegetarian is always challenge. Here, we found rice, some stir fried vegetables, fruits and fried potato wedges. In vietnam always plan to carry a small umbrella or raincoat. We didn’t plan about the rain and when it was time for pedal boat , it started raining. We brought rain coats and rented a big umbrella for our smooth boat ride.

It was beautiful one hour ride on river Ngo Dong, along with beautiful Karst Formation, caves with bats and rice fields. There are very few places on earth that  can parallel this boat ride. The hills on both the sides and caves make it a beautiful ride. They grow rice in month of April to June and during our boat ride it the fields were covered with water. Overall it was great adventure.20180102_13424220180102_135840

After river ride, one last activity was cycle ride. The tour guide cycled with us for an hour on quiet road, Village, Rice fields, river and rocky outcrops in Tam Coc. We also visited Bich Dong. IMG_0356IMG_0430IMG_0434

It was indeed a tiring day for all the tour group with so many activities. The bus driver picked us from Tam Con and drove back to our hotels at Hanoi city. This is a must place to visit if travelling to Hanaoi.



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