Jeju Island is one of the highest visited tourist destination in South Korea. It is situated in Jeju Province. This island contains natural World Heritage Site Jeju Volcanic Island and longest Lava Tubes in the world. It also give good economic activity from civil/naval base. It’s national park stretched over 224 kilometer and it is amazingly beautiful.

You really need to have at least 4-5 days to enjoy its beauty and to visit all top attractions. There are many reasons to visit Jeju Island when you are visiting South Korea, in which few I am going to list below:


As i said above, this island contain natural world heritage site. Because they have retains their unique culture, so many centuries have passed but you will find Jeju symbol everywhere. The statue is stone carved and it was demanded in 1774 by former Korean leader. You will find in total 48 statues all over the Jeju Island.



The Dormant Volcano Hallasan is almost 1950 meters above the sea level and if you start early in morning then you will be able to hike up and down in a day. This mountain remain covered with snow in winter season and that time only trained hikers are allowed to hike.

There are more stuff to do like: alpine plants with all color of flowers, woodpeckers bird and if you remember the chipmunks movie, yes you will find chipmunks here. There are around 368 parasitic volcanoes and hiking clubs regularly hike on those slopes.



Lava tubes are another UNESCO Geopark, the manjang cave is more then 8 km long and they are open for visitors. It is something amazing and you can walk inside passageway. They formed by cooling lava, these one’s are dark with bats up, they are cold and slippery with some water and often narrow. This place is not for claustrophobic.



in past years Jeju’s men disappeared for weeks in their fishing boats and women stick to those rocks waiting them over dinner. As rice won’t grow on this windy and wild island. Then women learned to dive to catch octopus, squid and seaweed. And it continued, women do deep diving to catch the fish. And they all aged 75 and they catch the fish from sea bare-handed.

haenyu jeju island korea women divers 19


Jeju Island is famous as honeymoon destination for Koreans and Foreigners. Cute Cafe’s, restaurants and even the theme park called Love Land. Jeju Island is so famous that there are more daily flights than any other tourist destination in world.


This is less to cut this list here, but there are many other things to fall in love with Jeju Island, such as, Beautiful Beaches, Oxygen massage therapy, sunrise from volcano crater, seaweed soup etc. Make your way to Jeju Island.



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