When you are visiting Hanoi then you should take out some time for SAPA. It is small, mountain town in Lao Cai Province. It is around 350 km from Hanoi and very near to Chinese border. Fan Si Pan is known as country’s highest peak. Sapa village is still contains there ethnic beauty with around 5 tribes in and around. Sapa is very famous among foreigner visitors and most of tourist make their way to SAPA. this place so beautiful with its iconic rice paradise and forest treks.


There are many activities which includes, hiking in Sapa mountains, Tribal village, enjoy local cuisine, visit Hoang Lien National Park, cat cat village, bike trekking etc. One need minimum 2-3 days to cover all must seen tourist attraction.


Fan Si Pan is the highest mountain in Vietnam, it is only 19 km from town. It looks near but trek is very difficult on tough terrain and sometimes due to unpredictable weather. e9bd1901f14c28f3dca85fe7c0736f8e

Trekking in tribal village is also very common in Sapa. You will have guided tour and they will take you to these tribal villages, here you will have chance to see their authentic culture, taste their local food and walk aside on terrace rice fields.



Two waterfall are very famous in Sapa, Love waterfall and Silver waterfall. Love waterfall is located in San Sa Ho and famous for its ancient folktale- “this waterfall were bathing spot of fairies, then one fairy fell in love with local boy. When Father of Fairy heard about it, he forbidden the fairy for not visit this waterfall anymore. Then this fairy turned into bird to be with the boy”. And from then it is known as Love Water Fall. It is around 30 minutes ride from Sapa Town. the-rock-path

Silver waterfall is equally famous in Sapa, its height is 100 meter and it is very beautiful. Do not go there if weather is rainy or foggy as you will not be able to see the height of waterfall. Silver water fall is 15 km away from Sapa Town.



Sapa lake is one of the tourist picturesque destination, take lots of pictures for your album. Here you can walk along the stretch of the lake, sit at the bench and enjoy fresh breeze.


Cable ride is available to Fan si Pan for those who cannot trek. Tickets are 700,000 VND per adult.  The Sunworld Fansipan Legend cable car give you mesmerizing view of Muong Hoa Valley and Hoang Lien Son Mountain range. It will be enthralling ride, so don’t miss it.


These are some of the activities and destinations famous among tourist. But there are more to do and explore at this place. Such as, spend time with tribes, learn to cook their authentic food, visit cat cat village, enjoy seeing their terrace rice fields etc.


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