dscn2551With the nice experience of ‘Nazareth’ and ‘sea of Galilee’, I look forward for next day. Itinerary is planned for Masada and Dead Sea. Masada reveals the story of power  while Dead Sea provides Minimal and non-swimmer like me; an option to float.


Masada is around 2 and half hour drive from Tel-Aviv. The roads are smooth with scenic beauty-what else one can wish for. Masada is one of the most exciting and frequently toured places in Israel. This place tells the story of perseverance and power, faith and surrender, ambitions and tragic end.

Masada is situated on top of the mountain and sides are steep and flat on top.Masada has thrilling story of battle with Romans. The guide narrated each and every place , it is thrilling as a Hollywood Movie, and filled with Tension, Struggle and Love.

After Reaching the Masada National Park tourist point, you can buy the entrance tickets. Tickets for Masada National Park and Cable car to Masada Mountain ,both the tickets can be bought with combinations or separate.

Masada Entrance fee

Masada National Park ticket (Entrance and Cable-car one way)

  • Adult: NIS 58
  • Child: NIS 30
  • Israeli senior citizen: NIS 30

Cable-Car one way

  • Adult: NIS 29
  • Child: NIS 15

Cable Car round trip

  • Adult: NIS 47
  • Child: NIS 30
  • Israeli senior citizen: NIS 30

Masada is on Mountain and I was visiting this place in Month of February, so the temperature is always colder then the base national park. So keep in mind to have extra layer of cloth if you are visiting Israel in winters.


The facility has a very big food joint , food and drinks are available for extra charges. It a very big joint and seating are available in-door and out-door as per your liking.

It takes around couple of hours to visit the whole place. There are lot of information in the place and my recommendation is to take a tour guide. The next destination is “Dead Sea” where i need more energy to play in Sea water , Take picture while seating on chair and Read newspaper on Dead Sea. As i said earlier, it is on of the panoramic place one should visit in life time to experience.



Dead Sea from Masada is not more than half and hour drive. The place is nicely maintained; Bathing Stations (washrooms) hot water swimming pools and shops to buy necessary stuff.

Please note the point that you will need rubber sleepers or aqua shoe to go into dead sea; as the stone are very sharp and you can’t walk bare foot. shops are available at the Dead sea and you can buy rubber sleepers, but you can also carry one with you.

There is mud available at the Seashore, you can apply that and go into sea. There is a saying that this mud is full of minerals and if you apply this mud to your body, you may get rid of skin issue if someone has some. There are multiple shower which you can use to wash your eyes if you by chance did dip in dead sea.

” Important points to be noted before you visit dead sea. Do not shave and wax day or two before you plan to visit Dead Sea. The water is extremely Salty and wash your eyes if water go inside you eyes. You should not spend more than half-n-hour in sea water. “

When I had visited , the Sea was very wavy and couldn’t take that “seating on chair pic”; it was very cloudy, rainy and very cold. But, I enjoyed-a-lot. The color of Dead Sea was very different and it give great feel to visit such places.


After a dip in sea you may go to the pool for rest and then for shower, there are many shower station and the good thing is: Women and Men shower stations are different.

I enjoyed the hot water pool in that cold day after Dead sea; overall experience was amazing and i want to visit again that place and enjoy more time. Definitely the plan will be in summer. I was very tired with activities and was looking forward to reach my hotel and sip a hot “Tea”. Yes, I am lover of Tea, I am not the coffee person.

And, I looking forward to visit Jerusalem tomorrow. The weather forecast was rainy; but weather conditions can’t bind me to visit holy city of Jerusalem……. Please read my Day 3 trip in details.

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