Million dolor fireworks is the highlight for 31st Dec evening. And I was all set to experience that; as I was travelling with my 10 months old kid and was staying in Kowloon Island, so going back to hotel and coming back to harbour was little difficult. Also, it is said that 6:00 pm onward few places will be closed and people will start taking their place at Harbour and Tsim Sha Sui. We decided to start a little late from hotel so we no need to return back to hotel. Also, we will take the city tour by ‘Big Bus’ to cover all the mostly visited attractions.

Today, 31st December 2016; we started at 11:30 am from hotel and took MTR to Tsim Sha Sui, had our lunch at MacDonald. Then we took ferry to Harbour Ferry Terminal. It is also one of the main transport people use cross the sea. It takes only 10 minutes to reach one place from another and ferry service is available in every 10 minutes.

After reaching Harbour we tried to see if any last minute reservations can be done for cruise to see fireworks. But, unfortunately, all the cruise were fully booked and one person offered us the standing place to see fireworks. Well, we thought to discuss with each other before we buy that place. He offered us KH$ 200 per Adult. After sometime we went back to buy that standing place and came to know that, that one also sold out :(.


Half day already passed and then we brought ‘Big Bus City Tour’. We took small tour as tomorrow we will be going to visit ‘Macau’, so we have time only till 7:00 pm to complete today’s Big Bus City Tour which is one of the Must seen places in Hong Kong.


Our First stop was Golden Square, It’s very beautiful and facing to ‘Wan Chai Waterfront’. This was presented by China’s Central Government in 1999. One of the highly visited place during city tours.



Lan Kwai Fong is the best place to see nightlife. Night is always young here, many Bar’s, Mini Cafe’s and beautiful restaurants. It is must visit place for party goers as this place offers western-style-restaurants, nightclub and bars.


Hollywood Road is also known as Upper Lascar Raw and it is must-see stops in City Tour. This street is full of antique shops and an open-air market, this is one of the ideal places for picking up eclectic souvenirs and gifts.


Ladies street market is the famous street for anyone who visit Hong Kong. It is for fashion lovers and for good bargainers-priced clothing, bags, toy, cosmetics and many more stuff.


Man Mo Temple is a picture-sue tribute to the God. Man means ‘Literature’ and Mo means ‘God of War’

It is one the Famous stop in City Bus Tour itinerary.


We had completed our Bus tour by 7:00 pm. Then, we looked for place to sit and luckily find one empty bench. From 7:00 pm till 12:00 pm we were sitting there and enjoying the view of Harbour. From 8:00 pm onward people started taking their places and they were full packed with their mats and dinner.

Then from 10:00 pm on-wards place was started getting packed and people starting stand and take their places. It was wonderful to wait for 12:00 am and everybody was enjoying, kids were playing. Finally we reached the time to see worlds famous ‘Fireworks’ show. I stood on my bench and enjoyed entire 10 minutes fireworks show.

Just to mention that people say that from 6 pm onward you will not get a place to stand. But, seriously, this was not the situation. The place started packing after 10 pm only and before that people were coming and going. Also, it is said that you will not be able to reach to metro and it will be too packed. We easily reached to the MTR. I am not denying the fact that, place was not crowded, but we get the metro easily. The only place we faced problem, taking taxi to hotel. It was 1:30 am and less taxi’s were coming and more people to hire them.

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