Jurong Bird Park and SEA Aquarium can be covered in one day. Though both are not at the same place, still they can be covered in one day. Jurong Bird is not a very big place and can be seen completely in 3-4 hours. Jurong Bird Park is very well maintained and you will be amazed to see all Beautiful Bird Species- OR I should see very Beautiful and Colorful Birds. There are big cages organized like small forests and people are allowed to go inside of those cages. You can visit them to see rare birds playing and singing on trees.

SEA Aquarium is situated just next to Universal Studio on Sentosa Island. You will not be able to see the same day you visit Universal Studio, as Universal Studio is a one day affair and Sea Aquarium closes at 7:00 pm. And you need a minimum 3-4 hours to observe more than 100,000 marine animals. At the S.E.A. Aquarium, you can observe more than 100,000 creatures like the leopard shark, Goliath grouper and squadrons of manta rays.

As you stare at them swimming in the aquarium, you may wonder who is actually watching whom. Are they, in fact, ogling humans like two-legged mammal exhibits from the other side of the glass tank?

SEA Aquarium is a magical marine world with more than 100,000 underwater animals from 800 species, swimming in 45 million liters of water.20160817094653_r3gwa1510808_849884348362672_3254338381102483650_n


The easiest way to reach Jurong Bird Park is by SAEx bus. Find the Bus schedule and bus-stop information at SAEx. Another way of reaching is by Singapore MRT, Nearest MRT station is “Boon Lay” and then catch the connecting Bus No. 194 to Jurong Bird Park.


For adults it is SG$ 29 and for children it is SG$ 19. Trams are not available here as it is easily walk-able. Tickets can be purchased at Jurong Bird Park entrance OR you can buy online. Keep the Bird Park Handy to check out all rare species. Check the website for latest rates here Jurong Bird Park.
 Follow the Bird Park Map to check timings of “free Bird show” which is a very famous show and they organize twice everyday, one in morning and other is in evening. take your place near to green ground to watch dancing and performing Birds. It was a great show and kids and adults both loved it.



Take MRT to Harbour Front station, take EXIT E to Vivo city and proceed to level 3 to board Sentosa Express. Stop at ‘Waterfront Station‘, walk straight until you see Chili’s Restaurant on your right then turn left for SEA Aquarium.


Entrance fee for adults is SG$ 34 and for children is SG$24. You can top-up with SG$8 to your SEA Aquarium ticket upon check-out to level up your Pokémon experience now! Pokémon Research Exhibition.

S.E.A AQUARIUM are grouped according to 10 different zones with 49 habitats. Check out the fish from the Bay of Bengal, the Straits of Malacca & Andaman Sea or the Great Lakes of East Africa, the underwater community in coral reefs, and cool marine life in the cold-water habitats.

Stroll over to the Shark Seas containing over 200 of these predators including endangered species such as the scalloped hammerhead shark and the aggressive silvertip shark.

Do not miss an AQUARIUM DINING EXPERIENCE: Enjoy your meal at Ocean Restaurant while sea animals swim gently above you. Most Dishes are freshly made from sustainable seafood.

OVERALL the experience of visiting both Jurong Bird Park and S.E.A Aquarium was thrilling. Both have rare species: one flies in the sky and the other swims in Sea. Seating with Jelly Fish was fascinating and watching them quietly while they swam.

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  2. I went to Sentosa Island in 2001, and it wasn’t so developed at the time. It is a beautiful place, and quite exciting to take the cable car there too.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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