Singapore Shopping is very famous among Singapore visitors. Orchard Road is full of Malls and endless brands. And this is one of the lively places during day and night. When I decided to visit this place with the help of a city Map, It sowed 15 minutes walk from my Hotel. But, it was almost a 30 minutes walk. But, the road was quite nice and the good thing is you will find mini cafe’s all over the roads. People are chilling out in those cafe’s. And, since Singapore is a very safe place, you do not fear to walk even on isolated roads.


ORCHARD RD is very famous in Singapore for branded stores and new fashion stuff. Few people come to Singapore only for the latest collections. Orchards RD has many malls. Even when you are walking in one Mall, you will not know when you entered the other Mall. They are very well connected to each other. Orchard RD will be a good stop to buy brand stuff and latest Fashion to add in your wardrobe.

I was walking on Orchard RD. And, I wanted to cross the road. In that crossing the subway was the only option. I went through the stairs and got confused. As there were so many stores and too many people. And, I exit from the same road on the other side. It was really funny, I was thinking, how come I am still on the same road even though I walked and took the stairs.


BUGIS STREET is one of the good and big markets for local shopping. It has many food joints, cafe’s, Mini Restaurants etc. It is a good market to buy souvenirs. Many shops have fixed prices but few offer bargaining. Here mostly shops are for Women & Men Clothes, Accessories, Shoes and gifts items.


Nearest MRT station in Bugis MRT EXIT EW12/ DT14, it is 2 Minutes walk to Bugis Street. And By Local Bus you can stop at Bugis Junction Tower. I went by Bus and it was very convenient to me. 

If you walk on the opposite side of Market, you will find many stores selling dried seafood. And there are many local Beauty salons. They even call you for Beauty services. So if Ladies, you are looking for any Beauty service at an economical price, you can try this place.

I passed this temple of Lord Buddha while Walking to Orchard RD.


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