Today is going to be more hectic day, as we have to visit 7 places. One of the famous place is ‘Kayangan Lake‘. When I searched about Coron in Google, the first picture was of Kayahngan Lake. A beautiful view with crystal clear water. We reached at 8:30 am to board the boat. Today’s boat was small comparatively yesterday’s. And we were only 6 tourist who had taken “CORON ISLAND ULTIMATE TOUR“. 


The first stop was KAYANGAN LAKE, it seems every tourist visit this lake. The pictures are so beautiful at search engines,  one cannot say NO for this place. After reaching here, we  were told that,  we have to hike 150 steep steps up and and 150 steps down to KAYANGAN LAKE. The view was so amazing that hiking 150 steps was now looking worth. Everyone wants to capture that view in their cameras and basically there was a long queue.

After that our guide told to follow her for 150 steps down to Kayangan Lake. It is very big lake with little salty water and its looks green in color. Everyone dive here to beat the heat. But, the breathtaking view is only available at 150 steps up. This is a normal lake.img_6541




The thing is that you can’t spend more time at one place. Even you want too. You have to cover all 7 place in one day. Twin Lagoons was an Adventure Place. They will stop at one point then you have to dive in sea and you have to go under big rock to reach Twin Lagoons. There was very limited space for breath and please mind the gape for your head.

The Ultimate thing of Twin lagoons is, one shoulder will feel cold water and other shoulder will feel hot. It is one of the Nature Wonder. No one can explain why the hot water is not mixing with cold water. As, I said above you can’t spend more time at one place. But, we stayed little longer than the schedule at ‘Kayangan Lake’ and ‘Twin Lagoons’. And our Tour Guide told that we do not have time to visit “SIETE PECADOS MARINE PARK“. And we have to skip.

Behind of the this big rock was Twin Lagoons.img_6554


This place is only lunch gateway. It is very small and not so clean beach. Even I would say dirty beach. “Keep the mosquitoes patches with you as there were lots of mosquitoes“. Our Tour package includes lunch but not for vegetarian like me. They served the lunch and we again had only rice. After lunch you can rest for some time and take pictures with rocks and with tress. I did not enjoy much here. And was waiting for moving signal from guide.



The name is big, but the place is not as happening. I think this is not any tourist destination, it is just passing the time. They will stop the boat near to big rocks and you have to dive in sea to see the Sank Ship during one of the world wars. There was only small part I could see, and I didn’t feel the place worth.


For me it was little scary. As they stopped the boat in middle of sea and told us to ready for Dive to see Coral Garden. The Sea was kind of upset today and very wavy. We went into sea and we only could see the big sea rocks, few coral and fish. Nothing great was here and our tour guide took only 10 minutes to finish her tour.img_6457


CYC BEACH is Government property and they use this place for training and school outings. Beach was not clean and nothing was there for me to get-off from the boat. I decided to stay back with my kid and my husband took his Snorkeling glasses and dive into sea for passing his time while other were get-off from the boat to click picture. Sitting in Boat, I was comparing  this tour with yesterday’s tour. Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoons is the only highlight in today’s tour. Other places are no so great and tour guide only give 10 to 15 minutes to stay at one place for clicking picture. It looks like I came to touch this place only.

We have come from this far to enjoy the nature beauty, like this you only end-up taking some pictures and back to boat. I think tour package should be the way, one will get more time to spend at one place. There are many things which you can’t see in 15 minutes.


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