1-ALTITUDE is a must visit for people going to Singapore. Music, Great Drinks and Breathtaking view from the 65th floor. Do remember that like any great place it has a dress code  and no flip-flops allowed. a 360 degree view is available from the deck. The entry fee is SGD 30 per person with one complimentary drink. SGD 30 is only for viewing from the deck and no reserved table. You have to book seating well in advance.

So, it is a great place to visit for an awesome 360 degree view. Enjoy your complimentary drink and music and then move to Clarke Quay for more party Fun.


CLARKE QUAY is one of the famous eating hubs. It has many mini cafe’s, bars and  Restaurants with different cousins.  Since it is on both sides of the River, you will have a view to enjoy.

This place is very crowded in the evening, as most of the people come after their work hours to beat the heat and to enjoy the view. This place remains open all night  so people can enjoy it even if they finish work late.


Singapore is a crime free city and Taxis are easily available whole night. For more info on Singapore, you can check Must Visit Places in Singapore.

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