Krabi is a very famous province in Thailand and it is a perfect holiday destination for relaxing. It is situated in southern Thailand. It features stunning scenery both at sea and inland. Krabi has more than 150 islands and many of them feature fantastic white sand beaches and greenish blue water. Also it has many caves, limestone cliffs, waterfalls, hot springs and wildlife. It is a destination for family, couples, bag-packers and who love to do island-hopping, snorkeling, rock climbing, kayaking, trekking, Scuba diving and many more water sports activities. Beaches (islands) like Ao Nang, Phi Phi Island, Railay and Koh Lanta are most visited and small islands – Ao Luk, Ao Thalane and Ao Nam Mao etc. Krabi is not developed but still very crowded like Phuket.

HOW TO REACH KRABI: It is an 80 minutes flight from Bangkok. And after reaching krabi, other islands can be connected by road or boat or ferry.

Below are a few Stunning beaches, which are very famous for their beauty, sea life, white-sand and turquoise water.


Ao Nang is a very popular resort town in Krabi Province. It is a great place for party lovers, as its nightlife is hectic. Also, you will find Thai and international dining and a good place for shopping. Few hotels are very close to the beach and they give beautiful views of the sea. It is attracting more and more tourists year after year. It is good for Family and budget holidays, people who like lively beaches and party all night.

HOW TO REACH AO NANG FROM KRABI: After landing in Krabi, you can hire a taxi or inform your hotel if you have planned to stay in Ao Nang, It is only 15 KM from


Railay is an ‘out of the world’ kind of holiday destination. It is not connected by road, hence only reachable by boat. Railay is a peninsula separated from the mainland by high limestone cliffs. So making roads is impossible. It has many beautiful resorts and is good for couples. There is no motorised transportation so everyone walks from one place to another. There are many cafe’s, mini restaurants on beach sides and shopping stores. It also has nightlife entertainment venues with hippie touch, making this place really cool.

HOW TO REACH RAILAY FROM KRABI:  It is part of the mainland but separated by a limestone cliff. So a boat is the only option. And it is very well connected from all the other islands like Phi Phi, Ao nang and from Krabi


It is located 15km from Ao Nang. It is less developed, therefore retains a very strong local and rural feel. Having said that, few people visit this place and hence it is not considered as a crowded island. You can visit the Small Fisherman village during your stay at Klong Muang Island. It has a handful of resorts and many of them boast a five-star rating. It does provide all the features such as, affordable dining, drinking with restaurants and bars on the beach.

HOW TO REACH KLONG MUANG FROM KRABI: It is only a 30 minutes drive from Krabi. The stay is for wealthy travellers so one can visit for the whole day and come back to Krabi.kbvkmu2021_2_34


Phi Phi is situated between Phuket and Krabi Provinces. It is a small archipelago of seven islands near to Phuket and Krabi. You can reach Phi Phi Island from both Phuket and Krabi in two hours by Ferry and one hour by Speed Boat. Its beauty is beyond words, limestone cliffs towards sea, beautiful white sand beaches and coves, beautiful green color and clear water and lush vegetation. Also amazing underwater reefs, Phi Phi is a captivating place. Its main village is in Tonsai Bay which has a lot of options of dining, shopping, nightlife entertainment and all kinds of budget accommodation options. Best for party and night party lovers. Also who wants to practice scuba diving

HOW TO REACH PHI PHI: It is situated between Phuket and Krabi. Ferry and speed boats are available from both islands. Ferry takes 2 hours and the speed takes 1 hours.phi-phi-island-by-speedboat-maya-bay


Krabi Town is the capital city. It has been a stop-over for backpacking travellers and also it is a good option if you want to explore all nearby islands, which are easy to access from Krabi. As it is not developed, but you will find a lot of small guesthouses and hotels in the downtown area and on the river bank. wat_tham_sua_15

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