This is About me

I am Renu Dixit, mother of 3 year old daughter and wife of loving and caring husband. I am from India (Haridwar) and currently enjoying Philippines culture and living style.

After completing MBA , i enjoyed 9 years of corporate world working with top companies in india. I also love watching Movies and do sketching when I get time. Now I invest my time travelling around the countries , enjoying new cuisines , learning new cultures and experiencing the mother nature.

How my Travel Journey Started..??®

During my MBA days, our college took us for 10 days tour to all the major cities of Rajasthan (India). Those 10 days were memorable and made me wonder on the diversity around the world. I then decided to keep exploring new places.

Writing the Blog ♣♣

I have visited many places and will be visiting more. Every travel provides new experience and challenges . The hacks that i did to make the travel enjoyable. I want to share all the experiences I had during my travel/tour to fellow travelers:

  • which all facilities I had used during my travel.
  • where I stayed, the Hotel hospitality and my personal views about the facilities.
  • Which all places I had visited in particular Country/City.
  • Took tour packages from which company
  • How I booked the cheap flights for my travel
  • Tips of Traveling along with family
  • Where to take taxi and where to take public transports
  • Where to take extra care and things NOT TO DO.